MumWorks is an exciting new business which harnesses the power of Parents at Home with a boundless range of skills and experience available on a part-time basis. 

Welcome to MumWorks. MumWorks acts as a link between people offering their skills for part-time work and businesses who will benefit from the huge wealth of experience available on a part-time basis.

Our business model is very simple - we either charge an agreed fee for introducing the right person to your business or we provide you with someone on an hourly basis at a rate which includes our modest MumWorks margin.

Why use MumWorks?

1.   We have special deferred payment terms - NO UP FRONT FEE.
Most recruitment agencies bill their fee in full when a candidate accepts an offer, so many businesses avoid using them; some even charge a non-returnable retainer in advance. When you engage a MumWorks candidate, we bill you only on successful placement. You then pay us monthly in the first year of employment by applying our percentage fee to the gross pay you pay the candidate each month. Your benefits are:
      a.   cash flow; and
      b.   if the candidate leaves in the first year, you do not pay a full recruitment fee;

2.   We specialise in providing Part-time People.
As far as possible, we make sure that you only interview people who are truly committed to a long term, part-time career. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time recruiting someone, and within months they tell you they have been offered a better full-time position.

3.   We save you Management Time.
Especially in today's climate, there are hundreds of applicants for every job advert. This means the quality can be varied, and you risk wasting a lot of time reviewing inappropriate CVs. While you are doing this, who is running your business? MumWorks will manage the advertising - if we think advertising is even necessary - filter CVs, interview long-listed candidates, and present you with a short-list of no more than 4 people. Why waste your time?

4.   We take an interest in what you do, and we take care to understand what type of person you want
It is in our interests to make sure you attract the best people. To do this, we need to understand as much as possible about your business and the culture and style of working you enjoy. We can then talk knowledgeably about your business to our candidates and convince them that you will offer them an excellent career.

 and 5 - we just like finding the right people for the right job........

STOP PRESS! See our current opportunities page if you're looking for a part-time position

Another successful placement for MumWorks in Caterham
The principal of a rapidly expanding Accountancy Practice had a need for a good reliable part-time bookkeeper in response to demand from his clients. MumWorks met with him, took a detailed brief, and drafted an advert for the web. Screening 35 applicants, a shortlist of two candidates was presented and a candidate selected. The successful applicant is local and has a good track record as a career part-time bookkeeper.

Mumworks finds the right person for a Client within hours.....
A Harpenden business found MumWorks through google and called Simon Marchant-Jones. They needed a good part-time receptionist who could also help with the bookkeeping and administration. In a flash, Simon remembered the CV of someone who was a perfect match for the requirements which had been received a few months earlier. After a quick phone call to confirm availability interviews were arranged with the Client and our Candidate started work within a few days.

We welcome CVs from anyone who is genuinely interested in long-term part-time work. We can't guarantee immediate work, but as long as we know you're available we might be able to help you in the future.

Read all about MumWorks on the following pages and complete the appropriate enquiry form.

We look forward to working with you! Call us now or text us on 07956678118 and tell us what you need.


MumWorks is a trading name of Interpeople 2005 Limited, a company registered in the UK no. 05462771 at 6 Coleswood Road, Harpenden, Herts AL5 1EQ